viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

Emma Casting voice

Casting Actrees voice continues... I looking for a midle woman (about 35-40) and and old woman (about 60 years old) your really age is not important! only your voice, of course! try! if you want with this scene!...

SCENE: Emma1 (casting only for Emma Character)

Emma: "Hi Henry. Having a good time?"

Henry: "Sorry?"

Emma: "Mr. Madson. Don't you remember me?"

Henry: "I think so(or I guess). What's your name?"

Emma: "My name is Emma and I'm the local crazy along with my mother. Or so they say. Do you know my mother? She lives in the old mansion. Yes, she called me today and said that someone had entered her home last night. It was you Mr. Madson. That was insane." (If you want to add more crazyness to her, you could also have her ask if she could call Henry Henry instead of Mr. Madson)

Henry: "Sorry. It won't happen again. I just.."

Emma: "You've seen it too, haven't you, Mr. Madson? Why you needed help. Why don't you walk me home and I'll tell you more about it."

Please mail me if you can help me with this!

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